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Application for a Restricted Land Use Notice


Clean Water Act, 2006, Section 59

Applicant Information

Is the Applicant the Landowner?

Property Location

Municipality (check all that apply)

Type of Development Proposed

Existing Land Use(s). Select all that apply.
Proposed Land Use(s). Select all that apply.
Type of municipal approval(s) required for the proposal development

Activities Associated with the Proposed Development

Select Yes or No for each activity listed below that will or may be associated with the proposed development

Storage or handling of hazardous waste; industrial, commercial or municipal waste; mine tailings
Storing or handling waste from a medical, dental or a veterinarian practice
Storing or handling of used motor oil
Establishing, operating or maintaining sanitary sewers and related pipes
Establishing, operating or maintaining a sewage system (including but not limited to septic systems)
Establishing, operating or maintaining storm water infrastructure
Storage or handling of liquid fuel in a volume greater than 250 L (including heating oil)
Automotive repair or servicing (including body work)
Storage or handling of organic solvent(s) (for example, industrial strength cleaning agents)
Storage or handling of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs)
Application of septage (untreated liquid and solids from septic and holding tanks)
Application, handling or storage of agricultural source material such as manure or used bedding material
Application, handling or storage of non-agricultural material (i.e. biosolids)
Livestock grazing or pasturing, an outdoor confinement area or a farm-animal yard
Application, handling or storage of a commercial fertilizer
Application, handling or storage of a pesticide
Handling or storage of road salt
Application of road salt
Storage of plowed snow from area of commercial or industrial land use
The establishment and operation of a liquid hydrocarbon pipeline

Terms and Conditions

  • Notices issued by Otonabee Conservation under Section 59 of the Clean Water Act are non-transferable.
  • Permits, approvals, etc. may be required from other agencies prior to undertaking any activities that may be associated with this Application. The issuance of a Notice upon review of this Application does not exempt the owner/applicant from complying with any or all other applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, directives, regulations, approvals, etc. as they may relate to the activities carried out on the Property.
  • If information on or with this Application is determined to be untrue or incorrect, Otonabee Conservation reserves the right to nullify any decisions and issuances based on the review of this Application.
  • All non-personal information related to this Application becomes the property of Otonabee Conservation and may be used by Otonabee Conservation and its’ member municipalities. Members of the public may view studies, plans, reports and issuances related to this Application by submitting a formal request under the Municipal Freedom of Information Protection and Privacy Act, RSO 1990, c. M. 56. Access is subject to statutory exemptions.

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